Musings On Change In The Time of COVID19

Every so often I think about how life has changed, and yet, in some ways, stayed the same. I think about how I would not have predicted that we will be in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic in 2020, isolated and in lock downs. I could not have predicted that millions of people would lose their jobs, children would be learning at home, and we would be at complete mercy of our governments and our faith to support us through this. And yet, it somehow feels all too familiar. In every adversity we face, there is a sense of a lack of control, a feeling of hopelessness, and a flickering glimmer of hope.

Nothing in life is guaranteed

What is today, can change tomorrow

What is tomorrow, can change again

Change is the only constant

We live in a cycle

Everything repeats itself

You have been here before

In other ways, in other forms

You got through that

You will get through this too

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