Reflections On Economy VS Community In The Time of COVID19

In a world that values capitalism over community, we are missing the most important links in our human existence. In a world of COVID19, we have tried to balance community and economy and have been reminded of some important lessons.

Economy plays favorites,
Community looks after all.

Economy creates division,
Community creates equality.

Economy creates competition,
Community creates unity.

Economy has a decision maker,
Community has a leader.

Economy values money,
Community values service.

Economy benefits business,
Community benefits people.

Economy thrives on profit,
Community thrives on contentment.

Economy strives for mass produce,
Community reduced waste.

Economy creates uncertainty,
Community creates calm.

Economy is run by politicians,
Community is run by people.

Let community be a mindset. Think about how you can benefit the world as a community and put it into practice. The little things like being mindful and being aware are what create a thriving community.

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