How The Way We See Work Is Changing

We are in the middle of a global coronavirus pandemic and news outlets are continuing to push the narrative of “secure jobs” and stability. Oh, you don’t have a job, got your hours cut, stood down? Shame! Guess you’re ALSO a victim of the global covid-19 pandemic!

But maybe you’re not.

Maybe you will thrive. Maybe you will reflect, or volunteer, or study, pick up a hobby, connect with people, read a book, Netflix and chill, look for jobs that align with who you are, or have some rest. Whatever your heart desires.

Newsflash!! There is no such thing as job security and we know this!

Job security is what YOU make of it. If staying in the same job for 5 years is security to you, awesome. But for some of us of us, job security is an old fashioned and unhelpful way of looking at work.

Security = Resilience

We value our resilience in being able to move in the market. We value employers who care about factors above and beyond making a buck and having bums on seats for as long as possible.

We understand that life is not all about work. We work so we can live and enjoy our lives. Maybe our goals in life are to enjoy more time doing the things we love, like travel, learn new things, and spend time with our loved ones.

Right now, when the pandemic is causing so many job losses, isn’t it so much better to “normalize” job losses in some way?

Isn’t it better for our mental health to view this time as a benefit, rather than a gap on our resume?

Isn’t it better to urge people to reflect on what we really want from life, to align our work and our values?

Isn’t it better to STOP shamming us for not having work, for not settling, for choosing to volunteer, or study, or be a casual, or rest…?

If you’re afraid of what employers will think…

Do you really want to work for an employer who cannot acknowledge the implication of a global pandemic and views the gap on your resume, or the volunteering, studying, or resting, or whatever your heart desires, as a waste of time..? as irrelevant?

I bet that whatever you are doing right now, you will benefit from it. WHATEVER IT MAY BE.

Stop it!
Stop telling us to get secure jobs.
Stop telling us we need to be in jobs for 5 years or more to be stable (or whatever numerical value appears stable to you).
Stop telling us that a secure job is one that is in the bank or government.
Stop telling us what we want in life is “not a real career”.
Stop putting our intrinsic value upon what we do for a living.
Stop dictating what we need to be in our life to be worthy of your love.
Stop threatening us with fear of us ruining our own lives.
Stop telling us your love is conditional.
Stop trying to have us rewrite YOUR history.
Stop using us as vehicles to fulfill your own dreams.
Times are changing.
Security = resilience

Redundancies are happening everywhere we know.
Economies are crashing around us.
Our employers don’t give us promotions.
Our loyalty is not rewarded.
Calling us a “legend” and a “star” does not count.
That’s patronizing.
We grow by moving jobs when we are made to feel stagnant.
We are versatile, diverse, and have a TON of skills.
We value sustainability, social consciousness, and moral principles.
We don’t believe in compromising our own happiness and values for the sake of helping a company make profit.
We are not afraid to take risks.
We can do anything.
We are not afraid to change careers.
We are not afraid of attaining new qualifications.
What we want from you is support. Acceptance. Understanding.
Life has changed. We are changing with it. It is time to recognize that.

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