Simplest Explanation of “Meditation” That You Will Read Today

When you hear the word “meditation”, do you think of a sage sitting cross legged, eyes closed, breathing deeply, and perhaps, levitating (or trying to)?

Meditation is often linked to religions and movements such as Buddhism, Hinduism, or the Brahmakumaris. Each might have a version slightly tweaked to their principles. For examples, the Barhmakumaris do meditation with their eyes open, whereas the Buddhist have several forms of meditation such as silent meditation and walking meditation.

Meditation has several benefits which you can personally experience with a regular practice. This can include an improved focus and a better ability to “live in the present”. Unlike popular opinion, meditation may not “quieten” your mind, but it will certainly help bring your awareness to what is going on in your mind. That, in itself, can be very powerful to harness for your wellbeing.

To put it very simply, meditation is a deliberate act of focusing the mind.

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