Lessons From The Sun

In many cultures, the sun hold great significance. It is the great ball of light looking down upon us all. The gravity of “light” is a reminder of light versus darkness. Light being a form of good, cleansing, hopeful and darkness a sort of grim, sadness, and evil. Th sun purifies and cleanses. It gives us strength and warmth. Yogis practice “surya namaskar”, a physical practice of salute and greeting to the sun every morning. If we observe carefully, the sun offers us many lessons to integrate into our lives.

The sun doesn’t seek our approval,
It rises and sets every day.
It doesn’t heed our criticism when its “too hot”,
It shines its light anyway.
You don’t need approval to be yourself,
Or explain yourself to anyone.
If the sun can rise and shine as it will,
You can also be your self.

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