Your Issues Are As Important As Anyone Else’s

“Aww you’re having it tough? Got some issues? Hey, you’re lucky coz so and so is having it SO MUCH TOUGHER than you. So be grateful, k?”


Gone are the days of blanket solutions, one size fits all approach, and feel better by comparing yourself to others.

Here’s a little something for you. Just because other people have it tough, does NOT mean that your problems and your issues are any less important or deserving of attention.

We are ALL worthy of help, support, and a listening ear.

Stop invalidating yourself.

And if you’re one of those people who likes to highlight how much worse other people have it, stop doing that.

It doesn’t help.

When someone is feeling down, they want to be heard and validated. You can do this by listening, not judging, not comparing, be there for THEM.

That person only. Undivided attention.

“I can hear you’re having it tough” is so much more powerful than “you’re better off than so and so”.

Everyone is special.

Everyone’s problems are unique.

And everyone deserves equal attention and support.

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